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./fs/jffs2/jffs2 - The Journalling Flash File System, v2 ./fs/lockd/lockd - NFS file locking service version 0.5. ./fs/quota_v2 - Quota format v2 support ./fs/9p/9p - Provides support for Plan 9 remote filesystem protocol ./fs/udf/udf - Universal Disk Format Filesystem
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/fs Filesystem code (cramfs, ext2, jffs2, etc.) /include Header Files /lib Files generic to all architectures /libfdt Library files to support flattened device trees /lzma Library files to support LZMA decompression Unfortunately testing the 'cleaned up' dump using binwalk yielded the same output I got before - still a scattered JFFS2-filesystem. Nonetheless I kept following the article and used dd to extract the JFFS2-filesystem from the 'clean' dump, created a virtual mtdblock-device mimicking my type of nand chip and mounted the filesystem on it.
Jul 24, 2012 · To build mkfs.jffs2 simply change directory to mtd/util and enter “make mkfs.jffs2”. When the build is complete, copy the mkfs.jffs2 file to the /sbin directory; that is where the other utilities that make file systems reside. [[email protected] build]# cd mtd/util [[email protected] util]# make mkfs.jffs2 [[email protected] util]# cp mkfs.jffs2 /sbin I change etc file in the uramdisk.image.gz to mount a file system in the boot time. I use the following shell command to format the file system. flash_eraseall -j /dev/mtd1 mkdir nor_flash mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock1 /nor_flash I can put files in the file system through FTP. However, if I ...
JFFS2. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. Journalling Flash File System version 2 or JFFS2 is a log-structured file system for use with flash memory devices.[1] It is the successor to JFFS.
Flash Storage Stack: About JFFS2: Log Structured File System to enable write leveling On-the-fly compression and decompression Uses Cleanmarkers to indicate whether a block was successfully erased 0x08 0x09 0x0a 0x0b 0x0c 0x0d 0x0e 0x0f 0x85 0x19 0x03 0x20 0x08 0x00 0x00 0x00 High-level implementation details: NAND simulator (nandsim) Provided ...
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